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Clear thinking occurs when our brain is functioning well, when we are experiencing little or no tension, and are able to be present in the moment to make the best and wisest decision.

Barbara Fiske is a Life Coach who specializes in teaching clients about how their brain and body react to life’s stresses, and with this knowledge, they can move forward in wisdom and peace. This is vital for stress management, getting anxiety under control, healing from panic attacks, and putting a stop to crippling ruminating. Barbara is certified in the Clear Thinking Method by the Clear Thinking Counseling Alliance in Fresno, CA.


A variety of tailored coaching experiences are available to invite participants to learn they can experience desired outcomes at any given moment.

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what is life coaching?

Using active listening, a life coach partners with their client to address matters having to do with careers or personal challenges. Coaching occurs in weekly or bi-weekly, one-on-one private sessions at her office. Using their best state of mind, clients are able to take action in areas they were once stuck. As a Life Coach, Barbara will listen to your journey and desired destination, and help you get there. Clients using their best state of mind, are able to take action in areas they were once stuck.

Barbara also teaches weekly drop-in classes, assists with training those pursuing Clear Thinking Method certification, presents professional development workshops, and speaks to larger audiences discussing methods to lower tension and respond well in the moment. Professionals, parents, students, … everyone can benefit from life coaching! Contact me for information on availability and rates.